Laura Gottwald creates fresh, inventive homes that serve as vibrant portraits of their owners. An experienced professional and an omnivorous intellect, Gottwald is fluent in many design languages–her own interests range from 20th century art to Berber textiles to jazz. She brings this breadth (and a well-stocked rolodex of artisans) to bear for her clients, creating unique homes for unique people. Whether designing an eclectic melange or a sustained look, Gottwald edits like a modernist: the work is always light and livable. She also creates quality and value at any budget–Gottwald’s firm can craft a grand vision or coax a new tune out of an old collection.

Gottwald’s career reflects her multidisciplinary approach. After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design, she founded upstart design agency Amperzand, creating everything from iconic T-shirts to metal mesh handbags to posters for Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. In 1987 Gottwald transitioned into interiors, working on select residential, retail and hospitality projects, notably a redesign of the legendary, literary Hotel Algonquin. Her work is centered around her clients, but Gottwald continues to create in many mediums, including two award-winning tile collections. Whether creating a new product, crafting a home or simply brainstorming with a client, Gottwald’s work is ignited by a playful spirit and a passion for thoughtful design.